SINTRA (Sistemi Innovativi per il Trattamento dell’Aria ambiente) 

is the first European producer of metallic perforated ducts for the Pulsion and Diffusion of air in any kind of environment.

SINTRA was constituted in 1995, after 15 years of researches and testing with the precise aim of divulging and developing on the market the innovative MIX-IND® technology for the PULSION of the environment air, created in the 1981 by Mr. Marco Zambolin, current president of SINTRA.


Our mission is to develop innovative systems for the treatment of the environment air, based on the MIX-IND® technology, which has the purpose to achieve the highest energy efficiency level for any plant.

Our main commitment is to offer design solutions for plants which are simple and efficient, with the aim to reduce the environmental impact, for a sustainable future.


After this long path of research and experimentation, we can affirm that the MIX-IND® technology is “UNIQUE IN ITS GENRE”,  as it has evolved by using criteria and methods which are very different from the traditional ones.

The thirty-years experience achieved with the constant research of extreme performances and by constantly testing new technological solutions, allowed us to deposit several patents which do not concern just products, but mainly  TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS to be used during the plant’s designing phase.

Thanks to this very peculiar path, today we can offer NEW PATENTED MIX-IND® SYSTEMS, which  allow to easily design the NEW GENERATION PLANTS, guaranteeing energy and comfort performances which are unique on the market.