The MIX-IND® technology is applied to perforated ducts, called PULSERS® which, instead of  “throwing” the input air into the area to be treated, create a “pressure field” along their axis  which is able to set into controlled motion the totality of the environment air mass. 

The traditional calculations based on CFD models used for air diffusion plants cannot be used to design a Pulsion MIX-IND® plant,  because the quantity and position of the PULSERS® in the environment have a fundamental importance.

For the correct designing of a MIX-IND® plant it is therefore necessary to turn to SINTRA’s technical support, using the free service of ASSISTED DESIGN

The MIX-IND® environment air PULSION  technology is UNIQUE in its genre, as it benefits from a distinct experience in the designing of  MIX-IND® plants of thirty years, 15 of which were dedicated to research and experimentation. 

To this day,  over 10.000 MIX-IND® plants have been designed and realized successfully in the most diverse industrial and tertiary fields. 

In addition to the outstanding performances of the traditional MIX-IND® plants, the NEW GENERATION plants are the only ones on the market which can guarantee the following  additional performances: 


  • Extreme variable air flow up to  20 ÷ 100 %, which allows:

    • Savings up to 80% on the electrical consumption of the fans.

    • Savings up to 80% on the costs for the filter’s replacement.

    • Constant maintaining of the maximum comfort conditions.

    • Lower mechanical wear, therefore more longevity of the plants. 


  • Variable comfort, which allows the customer to choose the residual air speed at floor level, and to be able to easily change it at any time. 


  • Quick plant’s set-in motion system, with consequent high energy savings, and with the possibility to reduce or completely cancel the nocturnal attenuation. 


  • Possibility of a TOTAL energy requalification for any kind of existing obsolete plant, without necessarily having to rebuild it. 


  • Free-cooling during the winter, with the possibility to directly input into the environment non-heated external air(up to -15°C) without risks of condensation or comfort loss, it can be used for all plats characterized by a high production of endogenous heat.  


  • Maximum operating safety in case of malfunction of one of the AHUs.  

  • Maximum customization and maximum flexibility for the adjustment to possible future evolutions of the environment.